Jazz Journal International, January 2004
Connie Evingson
"Gypsy In My Soul" (Minnehaha Music MM 2006)

A lively set of songs by this very good Minneapolis-based singer, accompanied here by three different bands each of which is inspired by the music of the Quintet of the Hot Club of France. Pearl Django is located in Seattle, the Parisota Hot Club in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and the Clearwater Hot Club in Grand Rapids. Some of the songs were played by Django Reinhardt, all are couched in the style he created all those years ago on another continent. That the style stands up today is evident from music performed by artists all around the world and the many tribute concerts and festivals. Here, the music is given appropriate treatment, always rhythmic, whether effervescent or languidly strolling, although the musicians never allow themselves to be dragged down into an overly reverential frame of mind. It is interesting to hear how a song written long after Reinhardt's death, Sting's Until, fits the bill nicely. It is also good to be reminded of the legendary guitarist's skills as a composer with two of his pieces, Amounan, to which Evingson has provided lyrics, and the gorgeous Nuages, on which Evingson sings French lyrics by Jacques LaRue and English by Susannah McCorkle. This is a thoroughly enjoyable CD by a singer with a sinuously attractive vocal sound and one that I unhesitatingly recommend to the Friends of Good Songs and also to those who have a hankering for this timeless musical style. Evingson's last CD was reviewed twice in JJI: by me in the January 2004 issue and by David Lands three months later. Although I warmly recommended that CD, Lands considered it a waste of a session. His disapproval was levelled chiefly, I think, at the repertoire, Beatles songs, and he qualified his comments by stating that the singer had a pleasant voice and added that he would like to hear her tackle items from the Great American Songbook. I hope he gets a chance to hear this one and if he does I shall be interested to hear his reaction. I also hope that those of you who were influenced by his review last time rather than mine, will take the plunge on this one. I feel sure that you will not be disappointed. Perhaps not easy to find as the label, Evingson's own, does not have UK distribution but it can be purchased from major Internet stores and direct from the singer at www.connieevingson.com.


by Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal International

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