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Connie Evingson
"Let It Be Jazz" (Summit Records)

For almost 40 years, the Fab's back catalogue has been plundered to varying degrees of success. Minnesota-based Connie Evingson's latest album features her singing her way through the Lennon & McCartney songbook.

But instead of choosing the obvious, well-known songs from the catalogue, obscure nominees such as Blackbird, The Night Before, I'm Looking Through You, I Will, Wait and Fixing A Hole have been elected. Interestingly, the original Beatles arrangements have been respectfully put to one side and replaced by a fascinating new, laid back, jazz disposition accompanied by Connie's delightful, silky-smooteh vocals.

More familiar cover tracks such as Can't Buy Me Love, Got To Get You Into My Life and When I'm 64 also appear which gives a unique slant on how to re-work The Beatles' timeless music.


by Keith Badman, Record Collector

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