Sounds of Timeless Jazz

Connie Evingson
"Let It Be Jazz" (Summit Records)

Connie Evingson interprets The Beatles' most memorable songs on her fifth recording as a leader. Titled LET IT BE JAZZ: CONNIE EVINGSON SINGS THE BEATLES, this 14-track sonicgram sends a classic message to jazz and pop lovers alike. The program opens with a tender rendition of "Blackbird" yet, throughout listeners are treated to Evingson's emotional and sometimes theatrical renditions that clearly show an enduring relationship with the Fab Four's music. Dean Magraw's electric sitar colors her phrasings and range with a hint of reference to East Indian ambience that immediately recaptures The Beatles' endeavors with East Indian music. Her rendition of "Wait" is done in a Latin style with a salsa backbeat from pianist Mary Louise Knutson. "Can't Buy Me Love" will set the hearts of cynical professionals racing as they listen to her relaxed, laid back arrangement of this sensational hit. "From Me To You" gets a sensuous bossa nova makeover while "Good Day Sunshine" gets a lively upbeat interpretation that will make you want to calypso. Adding the flute solo gave it just the right kick! Overall, Connie Evingson has a sensuous alto voice that is pleasant to listen to and difficult to forget and with these interpretations of The Beatles music, gives her fans a new way to listen to these great songs. Buy LET IT BE JAZZ: CONNIE EVINGSON SINGS THE BEATLES today.


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