Connie Evingson
Gypsy In My Soul (Minnehaha Music)

Talk about versatility! The previous recording by singer Connie Evingson was a jazz interpretation of songs by the Beatles. This time around she explores "gypsy jazz," mixing together standards with a couple Django Reinhardt songs. Evingson's warm voice is flexible enough to fit easily into both settings and, I suspect, many others.

Gypsy In My Soul came about when Connie Evingson discovered the music of Django Reinhardt and decided that, even though most of Django's recordings were instrumentals, she wanted to sing in that setting. Three different but similar two-guitar quartets accompany the vocalist on this set, with a few guests popping up on various numbers. Some selections feature backing from Pearl Django, the popular group from Seattle, while the other musicians are mostly from Minnesota.

While some of the songs, such as "Nature Boy," Sting's "Until," "April In Paris" and "The Lonely One," were never recorded by Django Reinhardt, they fit into this project well because they are adapted for the style. Connie Evingson also sounds quite comfortable singing such vintage material as "I'm Confessin'," "Lover Come Back To Me" and "I Cover The Waterfront."

The overall results are delightful and well worth acquiring; it is available from


by Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene (April '05)

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