Some Cats Know
Jazziz Magazine - July, 2001

Harvey Pekar, July, 2001

A mainstream stylist, she has fine time and pitch, a good range, accurate intonation, and excellent taste. Here she performs a number of often-heard standards but invests her personality into them so everything sounds fresh.

Give her credit, too, for singing "Some Cats Know," a lovely but little-known Leiber/Stoller ballad. On "Anthropology" she contributes some vocalese, using lyrics she's put to Sheila Jordan's scatting on the tune during a 1990 recording. She states the theme along with the bassist, a Jordan trademark.

At all tempos, Evingson's performances are relaxed, and she swings effortlessly. On ballads, her singing bears a sultry quality and a warm timbre. She's a good improviser, too, altering themes creatively. The small groups support Evingson with tender, loving care, as if each member wants to do his bit to make her recording a success. Especially notable is Thielemans' melodic playing on his piece, "Bluesette," and nice tenor work by Freeman, Dave Karr, and the Twin Cities' Irv Williams, who worked with Billy Eckstine and Fletcher Henderson in the 1940s.

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