LET IT BE JAZZ - The Remarkable Album
Review from the Sept. '03 issue of "Swing Journal
The Magazine for Jazz Devotees in Japan

Written byTakao Ogawa
Translated by Takashi Kasai

" LET IT BE JAZZ - The Remarkable Album, in which jazz singer Connie
Evingson nobly approaches to Beatles' tunes in their late period"

"This is the album for the Beatles by the white female singer, Connie Evingson. She tries to approach to the Beatles' tunes in the relatively noble way, which leads this album to success. Without any complicated or exaggerated expression, she sings the familiar melodies straight with jazzy feelings. I'm impressed with her high skill.

The main selection of the tunes from the Beatles' late period is not bad. The tunes that the Beatles performed in their first period have the deeper taste of rock music, so I think it difficult to arrange them for jazz vocal. In this point her selection is not in the wrong. But before all, how great the Beatles are! What a wide range of the tunes they released! Their talents with broad eyes have brought great success to them. And Evingson sings their excellent songs with her excellent voice very politely. What I was impressed with especially is "Blackbird", "For No One" and "I Will". She has made success to make the beautiful melodies hidden in the original tunes bloom more vividly. She has not tried for any exaggeration. She is natural. But she is impressive at the same time.

The support of the backing musicians is also wonderful. Mainly she sings with the piano trio, but sometimes adds the other instruments with it. Especially in "Black Bird" the electronic sitar is effectively added, which makes the image of the Beatles more vivid. I also like the guitar in "Wait" and "Fixing a Hole". I think that these are the typical examples to keep the vocal part and the instruments' performance in good balance. Highly recommended!! "

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