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Connie Evingson - ALL THE CATS JOIN IN: & don’t forgive ’em if they don’t, ‘coz Connie’s vocal work on this splendid & lively set from Connie & her cats! Her performance on “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” will convince you beyond any doubt that every player who walks in the door will be wanting to sit in with her! The 3:12 “I’ll Follow The Sun” is a different mood, to be sure, but her spitfire spirit just KICKS it, even at this slightly slower pace. The style Connie does best is clearly reflected in “Jersey Bounce“… of course, there are a total of fourteen tunes here, so something else may convince you to join in… the more the merrier, I’m sure she would say. The song that was my personal favorite on the album was the opener, “Love Me Or Leave Me“… late-night hot-club jazzin’ yer’ ears up & cheering your heart through & through. I give Connie a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.97.
Improvijazzation Nation, Rotcod Zzaj

Connie Evingson - ALL THE CATS JOIN IN
All About Jazz, June 10, 2015   — Dan Bilawsky

All the Cats Join In
[H]er tone is so playful and her phrasing so slippery that she quickly disarms the listener.
Downbeat, Feb. 2015   — Geoffrey Himes

All the Cats Join In
Evingson's voice continues to be a marvel of sly innuendo, sinuous intrigue, and sleek tonal colors, with ever deepening streaks of sienna and claret
City Pages, Rick Mason

The versatile Connie Evingson, who is based in Minneapolis, had previously recorded tributes to Peggy Lee, the Beatles and Dave Frishberg. All The Cats Join In is her third recording in a gypsy jazz setting. Joined by guitarist John Jorgensen (who also contributes some fine clarinet playing on a few numbers), violinist Jason Anick, rhythm guitarist Doug Martin, bassist Simon Planting and drummer Rick Reed, Ms. Evingson displays a beautiful voice and a lightly swinging style on such swing numbers as “Love Me Or Leave Me,” “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea” and “Jersey Bounce.” She also stretches the idiom with a few surprising song choices including “I’ll Follow The Sun,” “Moonlight” and Paul McCartney’s “World Without Love.” Jorgensen and Anick contribute concise solos in the tradition of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli and with the quintet form a swinging accompaniment to the singer who is heard in prime form throughout. A special highlight is a guest appearance by 92-year old Jon Hendricks on “All The Cats Join In/Tickle Toe,” a vocal duet that includes his vocalese lyrics. All The Cats Join In, as with Connie Evingson’s nine previous recordings, is easily recommended and available from
L.A. Jazz Scene, Scott Yanow

All the Cats Join In:
While Evingson can sing and swing anything from jazz standards to the Beatles and sly songs by Dave Frishberg, she shines especially brightly in hot club/gypsy jazz
Pamela Espeland, MinnPost

Connie Evingson's new CD puts her firmly back in her hot club wheelhouse. With the John Jorgenson Quintet backing her up, she delivers a delightful program of songs, including an all-too-brief dance with the legendary John Hendricks.
David Golden, WPKN Bridgeport, CT

CONNIE EVINGSON/All the Cats Join In:
Evingson has been taking the chill out of the frozen north for quite some time now and this time around finds her making another of her examinations of the Hot Club sound, bringing all the requisite heat in tow. Working with John Jorgenson, the multi instrumentalist that widened his scope beyond his Nashville roots, the two heat it up in fine style, old school. Hitting a bunch of chestnuts that generally haven’t been roasted to death, this sums up as a killer team effort with all burners burning from all involved. Old timey with au current currents, Evingson hits it out of the park once again showing why she’s Minnesota’s national vocal treasure."
Midwest Record,    — Chris Spector

Just got Connie Evingson's new CD. . It's a homerun!! Every track is delightful . .and utterly enjoyable. And the musicianship by the John Jorgenson Quintet is the icing on the cake!
Bob Collins, Jazz Producer,   — WRHU - Hofstra University Radio

All The Cats Join In
Minneapolis singer Connie Evingson tackles a welcome set of standards with a “Django-style” swing quintet providing perfect accompaniment. Among the 14 tunes are “The Lamp Is Low.” “Jersey Bounce,” “Solitude” and “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” None other than scat hero Jon Hendricks drops by on a medley of “All The Cats Join In” and “Tickle Toe.” Much fun here!
Jazz Society of Oregon,    — George Fendel

It'll be a big week for Twin Cities jazz singer Connie Evingson. She'll make her debut at Lincoln Center in New York, as part of the all-star cast of "Swinging With the Big Bands," a two-night, three-show event June 12-13 that's sold out.
Artcetera, June 4, 2013   — Tim Campbell

'The best there is.' That was Michael Feinstein’s accurate description of the musical forces resurrecting the swing era [for Jazz at Lincoln Center, with Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks and Wynton Marsalis]. Mr. Feinstein was joined by Nellie McKay, Sachal Vasandani and Connie Evingson, wonderfully disciplined singers steeped in a vocal tradition in which any impulse to show off was subsumed to the goal of a harmonious, fluent sound. Ms. Evingson’s version of “Why Don’t You Do Right?” Peggy Lee’s career-defining hit for Benny Goodman, had just the right mixture of insinuation and toughness.
New York Times, June 14, 2013   — Stephen Holden

Connie Evingson is a find. Bring her back, someone, soon! Stylish phrasing, stunning control,…
Woman About Town   — Alix Cohen

Swinging with the Big Bands - Jazz at Lincoln Center (Photo coverage)
Broadway World   — Stephen Sorokoff

A Hibbing native who has been performing in Twin Cities clubs for some time, Evingson has one of the most polished, malleable voices on the local scene…
Pioneer Press, May 22, 2013   — Dan Emerson

"The Girl From Ipanema." A spry, sexy take on the bossa nova standard from the veteran jazz singer's latest album, "Sweet Happy Life," it feels fresher with every play. Yum.
Star Tribune, December 18, 2012   — Jim Walsh

A first-class swinger several degrees warmer than [Chris] Connor, Evingson is ideally suited to Gimbel’s gentle bossa leanings, but proves an equally astute balladeer…
JazzTimes, Nov. 8, 2012   — Christopher Loudon

Connie delivers exquisite interpretations of these songs that must rank with the best of the past and set markers for the future.
Jazz Mostly, October 18, 2012

Evingson is supremely up to the task of framing and saluting Gimbel's work with her delightful voice, superb diction, timing and phrasing.
All About Jazz, October 19, 2012   — Nicholas F. Mondello

While tribute albums are a dime-a-dozen, most of them are quickly forgotten because they've been done . Evingson deserves respect for finding a heretofore unturned stone worth turning. Norman Gimbel's words and Evingson's voice make for a beautiful marriage on this easy-on-the-ears outing.
All About Jazz, September 30, 2012   — Dan Bilawsky

Give a smart, affecting singer a batch of good songs and something of worth often ensues. Give that same singer a batch of some of the finest songs of the past 50 years or so, and you get something approaching timelessness…
Deep Roots, October 10, 2012 — David McGee

With Sweet Happy Life, Gimbel’s lyrics are treated with admiration and revealed for the graceful word pictures they paint. Evingson’s vocals are pristine and polished, cutting every so often with a twinkle and a grin. She is a charming vocalist and a sophisticated interpreter of some really great songs.
Blinded By Sound, September 20, 2012 — Jordan Richardson

Among the numerous bossa nova-flavored recordings released this year, Connie Evingson’s Sweet Happy Life definitely stands out.
The Jazz Page, August 28, 2012

Sweet Happy Life - Subtitled The Lyrics of Norman Gimbel, Sweet Happy Life (Minnehaha Music) by Minneapolis-based jazz vocalist Connie Evingson features more than a few songs that are sure to be familiar to listeners. "Killing Me Softly with His Song," for instance, was a huge hit for both Roberta Flack and Lauryn Hill and the Fugees. Gimbel was also prolific during the Brazilian music craze of the 1960s, and Evingson has recorded renditions of "The Girl from Ipanema," "Meditation" and "Agua de Beber," as well as period standards such as "Watch What Happens" and "I Will Wait for You." The true pleasure of this disc is hearing all these Gimbel tunes in one place.
The Bay Area Reporter, August 16, 2012   — Greg Shapiro

Sweet Happy Life - "You'll smile at the hedonistic languor, the sense of Arcadian freedom, and the intimations of eros in Sweet Happy Life, but you'll also sigh more than once."
Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange   — Mark S. Tucker

Catching Up With Connie Evingson - The Sweet Happy Life Interview!
Critical Jaz   — Brent Black

Sweet Happy Life - "At a time when everyone believes they can sing bossa nova and releases a disc to prove it, Connie Evingson takes the bossa bull by the horns and has produced a true masterpiece."
All About Jazz, July 30, 2012   — C. Michael Bailey

Sweet Happy Life - "Sophisticated. That’s one word to describe this disc. Three words? Very highly recommended.", July 30, 2012   — Doug Boynton

Sweet Happy Life - "The girl from Minneapolis nails the bossa nova"
Winnipeg Free Press, 07/30/2012   — Chris Smith

Sweet Happy Life - "All these songs are well loved and well known no matter who wrote them and Evingson breathing new life into them is a sweet treat for all involved."
Midwest Record

Sweet Happy Life - "When it comes to doing a "tribute" release or an iconic songbook collection there are pretenders looking for a quick hit and an easy check and then there is Connie Evingson who is the real deal. It's hard to miss when you have got good material and the chops to back it up with!"
Critical Jazz     — Brent Black

Sweet Happy Life - "If you thought that Twin Cities vocalist Connie Evingson had thoroughly mined the varied songbooks of American jazz with her wide-ranging eight recordings, think (and listen) again… Connie celebrates the release of Sweet Happy Life, saluting the works of lyricist Norman Gimbel"
Jazz Police     — Andrea Canter

"a fine singer,… (Evingson) brings her individuality and spark to fourteen of Frishberg's songs"
Rifftides, Arts Journal     — Doug Ramsey

"Frishberg's fresh, smart lyrics are well-delivered by the ultra-hip Evingson, who reveals through her immense talent the diamonds that are Frishberg's lyrics. "
All About Jazz     — C. Michael Bailey

Little Did I Dream — "Singer Connie Evingson brings a sunny disposition and unerring sense of swing to this upbeat tribute album, performing the Dave Frishberg songbook with the composer himself sitting in the piano chair. An air of breezy nonchalance and a touch of humor mark the set, as Connie & Co. blow through straight-up swing tunes, then settle gently into plush ballads. Frishberg’s wry lyrics and subtle melodies are a fine match for Evingson’s down-to-earth delivery, and the pair mesh beautifully in the disc’s more intimate moments."
FOJAZZ    — Forrest Dylan Bryant

Little Did I Dream — "Evingson's clear cool vocals paint these wonderful songs with new color that make them sound almost new."

Little Did I Dream — "Minnesota is blessed with an abundance of really good jazz vocalists. In the front rank is the versatile and constantly surprising alto Connie Evingson…"
The Mississippi Rag, March 2008    — Will Shapira

Little Did I Dream — "…vocal treasure Connie Evingson turns to the smart, sophisticated, witty, and frisky songs of St. Paul native Dave Frishberg on her terrific eighth album, Little Did I Dream (Minnehaha Music). As has come to be expected from Evingson, she wraps herself in Frishberg's songs, using her sly, sinuous phrasing and wondrous tone to make them bloom, whether it's a wistful ballad like "Heart's Desire," a breezy trip to "Zanzibar," a swinging goof like "Can't Take You Nowhere," or the hipster-ish sizzle of "Peel Me a Grape."
City Pages, February 20, 2008     — Rick Mason

Stockholm Sweetnin' — "Connie Evingson is one of the most polished and versatile jazz vocalists on today's jazz scene, and Stockholm Sweetnin' further adds to her singing successes. My personal view is that this is her best work to date."
Modern Jazz Classics     — Bob Stockton

Gypsy In My Soul — "This is a thoroughly enjoyable CD by a singer with a sinuously attractive vocal sound and one that I unhesitatingly recommend to the Friends of Good Songs and also to those who have a hankering for this timeless musical style. "
Jazz Journal International     — Bruce Crowther, August 2005

"I like being musically surprised. Connie's albums are always surprisingly different and expectedly delightful."
    — Michael Bourne, "Singers Unlimited" (WBGO, Newark and

"Her delivery is refreshingly straightforward and sexy. Her performances carry the aroma of red wine and filterless cigarettes, sensual, slightly decadent, and thoroughly wonderful."
All About Jazz     — C. Michael Bailey

"…the clear winner of 'CD Of The Month' for June is Connie Evingson's latest release, Gypsy In My Soul. Every time we play something from that CD, the phones ring and the number of e-mails coming into my computer increases."
    — Nick Morrison,Music Director, KPLU (NPR), Seattle

Gypsy In My Soul
"…delightful and well worth acquiring."
L.A. Jazz Scene (April '05)     — Scott Yanow

Gypsy In My Soul
"She interprets songs that carry a nostalgic memory, and she carves each one with a distinctive flair. Seamless phrasing, smoky resonance and a genuine caring give her presentation a natural quality."
All About Jazz     — Jim Santella

Gypsy In My Soul - Let It Be …Jazz
"Either one of these CDs will demonstrate to new listeners what jazz fans in Minnesota have long known - that Connie Evingson is a very accomplished jazz singer."
Swing2Bop    — Bruce Crowther

"Gypsy in My Soul resonates with a pulse of authenticity and reverberates with a glorious passion for this special, and too little heard music."
Edge Life    — Anthony J. W. Benson

"With her own delicious sense of swing, silken phrasing and sense of adventure, Evingson really nails Django's spirit on 'Gypsy', rummaging through his songbook (often with added lyrics) and other tunes that fit the mood, from Ellington's Caravan to Sting's Until…"
City Pages    — Rick Mason

"[The Secret of Christmas] …a holiday offering that is the finest I have heard this year."
All About Jazz     — C. Michael Bailey

Let it Be Jazz voted one of Top Ten CD's in 2004 by Jim Newsome, Port Folio Weekly.
"Finally, a jazz singer manages to record a collection of Beatles songs that places them on a par with the standards of the Great American Songbook. (Well, they're British, but you get the drift.) Port Folio editor Tom Robotham reviewed it, saying 'the first time I listened to it in its entirety, I experienced nothing short of an epiphany: Lennon and McCartney wrote songs that can swing. That Evingson recognized this---and was able to bring it out---is a testimony to her artistic sensitivity, musical technique and lovely vocal quality.' Amen! "
Port Folio Weekly by Jim Newsome

"The original Beatles arrangements are respectfully replaced… silky smooth voice." "A unique slant on …the Beatles' timeless music"
Record Collector     — Keith Badman

"Let It Be Jazz… a delightful jazz album with often unexpected results."
Jazz Journal International     — Bruce Crowther, January 2004

"Let It Be Jazz… a very listenable combination of novel ideas…"
Singer Magazine     — Robert A. Lindquist

"The arrangements… bristle with uncommon imagination."
Independent Online, Durham, NC     — Joe Vanderford

"Let it Be Jazz ably proves that Evingson is … deserving of widespread popularity."
JazzTimes Magazine     — Christopher Loudon

"…light and whimsical, translating the psychadelic humor of The Fab Four into jazz terms."
Will Friedwald author of Jazz Singing

"…among the finest Beatles interpretations by a jazz vocalist in recent years… Evingson's phrasing and style is perfect… she brings a sense of verve and adventure to songs each of us know so well."     — Lee Prosser

"An entertaining program… Evingson has approached familiar (as well as some less familiar) Beatles tunes with inventive musicality."
JAZZ SPOTLIGHT     — Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times - Aug. 24, 2003

"Evingson sings with confidence and intelligence … the band swings its collective ass off. A sure top ten pick for 2003!"
All About Jazz     — C. Michael Bailey

"An inspired, fascinating, fresh take on 13 Lennon/McCartney classics"
All About Jazz     — Dan McClenaghan

"Highly recommended. Evingson places each of these familiar melodies into a mainstream jazz context with a natural feel and a seamless transition."
All About Jazz     — Jim Santella

"Connie Evingson Sings The Beatles …Nice CD. Good singing. Great musicians."     — Lawrence Brazier

"…you are going to like this album, even if you are a jazz fan that (gasp!) does not like The Beatles. "     — Thomas Schulte

"Evingson is doing exactly the sort of thing jazz singers are supposed to do, i.e., put her own individualistic spin on something that is familiar… Let it Be Jazz not only demonstrates Evingson's skill as a jazz improviser; it also shows how durable the Fab Four's material continues to be 33 years after their breakup."
All Music Guide     — Alex Henderson

"Overall, Connie Evingson has a sensuous alto voice that is pleasant to listen to and difficult to forget…"
Sounds of Timeless Jazz

LET IT BE JAZZ - The Remarkable Album
Review from the Sept. '03 issue of "Swing Journal, the magazine for jazz devotees in Japan"

Named one of the "12 Discs of Christmas" by JAZZIZ magazine (Dec. '03)

"THE SECRET OF CHRISTMAS… will put a smile on your face."     — Lee Prosser

"Minneapolis-based vocalist Connie Evingson has a way of turning potential musical yawns into highly original and vibrant jazz workouts… The set is - wisely - composed mostly of lesser-known classics of the genre, with Evingson in full command of her rich and melliflous vocal tone… With The Secret of Christmas Connie Evingson has pulled off the near impossible: she's recorded a musically interesting and highly listenable holiday disc."
All About Jazz     — Dan McClenaghan

"Scat singing, interpreting familiar lyrics, and inserting fresh, new ideas into her holiday program, Connie Evingson offers a personal gift for everyone… Classic music performed with an open heart and a creative mind makes a fine holiday companion… Every time of the year is right for this kind of genuine performance. Enjoy this one all year long"
All About Jazz     — Jim Santella

Two locals adapt music of the Beatles
Minneapolis Star-Tribune - April 25, 2003

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