Hi Connie: Welcome back to Seattle! Thoroughly enjoyed you and Pearl Django last night (March 4th) at Jazz Alley. You continue to be our favorite vocalist and all of our friends and co-workers with whom we share your music become instant fans. We have all your CDs, but my wife picked up 2 more after your set to give to her friends. Alas, you signed them both…but even more of a cherished gift to give so that we can share your music and talent. And…no, I wasn’t the one in the crowd shouting “Encore!” over and over again…but we all certainly felt that way, and you graced us with 2 additional songs at the end. Can’t wait for your next trip out this way. We all love you! ps. Any chance you and Mary Louise Knudson may collaborate on a future CD? – Chris & Midori

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